S Fold Pleating – on Point!

If you can't change your surroundings, change your curtains!

How often have you admired the luxury look of S Fold or Ripple curtains when flipping through glossy home magazines? Or stayed in a luxury hotel with gorgeous wall to wall S Fold pleated curtains?
So many people are now treating their homes as their sanctuary, they can’t change their surroundings so easily now that travel is limited. So they want to replicate that lux look in their own homes – and it can be achieved so easily with S Fold pleated curtains.

The name S Fold or Ripple fold refers to the type of pleating – it forms a wavy “S” shape along the top of the curtain, and the pleats fall in a soft continuous curved shape. This type of pleating looks equally stunning in all types of decor. It has a minimalist look so perfect for “softening” a minimalist or industrial decor. It’s understated elegance also complements more traditional looks, Hamptons and Coastal styles. The effect it creates is gently tailored and suits all interiors.

Folds are identical when viewed from both inside and outside – an architectural advantage. The head of the curtain is suspended underneath the track, it cannot sag or tip. The pleats are  always perfectly positioned and spaced.
The fabric is held in place in the soft S shape by the specially designed track. The track itself can be wall or ceiling mounted, and has a slim low profile that seamlessly blends with the walls and ceilings.
Ceiling mounted tracks will give a dramatic look and help to give the impression of a higher ceiling.
Ceiling mounted also helps to block the light bleeding onto the ceiling from the window (the halo effect). This makes it a perfect choice for home media rooms, and rooms where total darkness is required.

It is a great solution for large areas, to cover an entire wall and to unify several windows.
S Fold tracks are  ideal for curved tracks, floor to ceiling windows and other hard to manage spaces.
We use it very successfully for tracks that need to be curved to accommodate bends when two windows are at right angles – they can be treated with one continuous track.
S Fold curtain tracks can be manually operated, or integrated into a motorised solution.

The trend today is for the sheer curtain to be the” hero” of the room – so on the front track if using double tracks. Sheer curtains look stunning on S Fold tracks – the soft fabrics look particularly good as they create a soft gentle look, but also look tailored.
Linen and linen look sheer fabrics come in so many wonderful natural tones and shades. 
If blockout is required, we do this by adding a second track (positioned closest to the window). 
The blockout fabrics also come in many natural tones, so a lot of choice available to select just the right colour to tone with your sheer curtain. We can help you with this process.

If you are building a new home, we can liaise with your architect and builder to ensure that the windows can accommodate your S Fold curtain track to maximise their aesthetic beauty.

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