Lamp Shades

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Coordinated Lamps and lampshades

really finish off a room, particularly on bedside tables.
They provide a cosy ambience that cannot be achieved with overhead lighting. Lamps in a living area will help define the space.

Spdci Knife Cusion Full@2x

Spring Crest Curtains and Blinds can of course source new lamps and shades; but if you have a favourite lampshade shape you would like to reuse, Spring Crest Curtains and Blinds can recover the shade in a coordinating fabric to work with your decor.
There are some fabulous fabrics that look great on lamp shades – why not make a statement with a large scale pattern? Drum shaped shades look particularly good hanging from the ceiling when covered in prints. Oval shaped shades are very on trend at the moment for table lamps.

Amp up the ambience with colourful lampshades! Add instant pop by swapping your plain shades for colour.

And then there is geometric. The Moroccan influence is everywhere – why not on a lampshade?
Lampshades can add such impact with the amazing variety of colours, designs, shapes….but it is important to get the balance right between the size of the shade and the base; as well as the shape of the shade.

So… if you want a quick pick me up solution to your room, think about changing the plain lampshade!

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