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Nothing beats the luxury and softness that curtains provide. Used creatively they deliver the Wow factor to your interior decor. Designers use them to add a luxurious depth and style that create a unique individual look.

Curtains will not only “dress” the window, but will also provide sun protection and thermal comfort – thus cutting power consumption.

Today we have such a wonderful choice of fabrics available.

We see all the new trends, colour palettes, textures from both Australia and overseas, we know what fits with the unique coastal “indoor – outdoor” lifestyle of South East Queensland – which is totally different to say the colder climates of Southern Australia.

Our showroom has an extensive sample range of fabrics and working displays showing various upholstered pelmets, tracks and rod options – including the sleek wave “S” tracks, reverse, pinch and knife pleating.

Advantages for blockout curtains over other types of window coverings include:

  • Better energy insulation in curtains, especially in winter and even more so if you have a pelmet above the curtain, as they trap warm air and help to prevent heat from escaping through the glass.
  • Better light block out as there are no gaps, and even more so if you have a pelmet above the curtain, as this prevents the “halo effect” of light bouncing out above the curtain.
  • Acoustics – a room with all hard surfaces and no softness will echo. Curtains will absorb sound.

It is important to realise that any colour curtain can be made to black out the room – even a white fabric. The coating on the back of the fabric or the lining on lined curtains is the element that provides the total block out to the window.

Sheer curtains are fabulous! Flick through any designer decor magazines and long sheer curtains are On Point.

There are many situations where they are just right. They are fresh and light and look equally good in modern, industrial, minimalist or Hamptons style interiors. Floaty sheers look fabulous and suit all décor styles – they are so elegant and give a softness to an edgy look that can’t be achieved with say a roller blind.

We can help you select the most suitable pleating style – it comes down to the composition of the fabric (some fabrics look better with certain pleating), the pattern in the fabric, the architecture of the window, how much stack back you want; and of course personal choice.

If you have your heart set on a certain style of pleating we can guide you to the most suitable fabric for the pleats. If you are having double tracks with a sheer on one track and a block out on the other, some pleating styles are better suited than others. Some pleating styles “stack back” more than others – an important consideration if you want to get as much curtain off the window as possible

Spring Crest Curtains and Blinds offer a great selection of Curtain Rods, Curtain Tracks and Poles. We can assist you with a fully customised design to suit your window size, curtain style, decor or individual need and the range extends from a simple plain metal or timber track right through to fancy metal and custom painted wooden poles with finials and accessories.

Pelmets are also fantastic for insulation. They provide a “cap” over the top of the curtain that will provide an effective insulation seal preventing heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter.

Pelmets used above curtains prevents the “halo effect” of light bouncing out above the curtain – perfect for media rooms.

Slimline pelmets fitted above Roman and roller blinds is another stylish way to finish off a window, and to unite a space where various different window treatments are used in the one area.

Curtains Options

Related FAQ’s

Once your deposit has been received, we order and pay in full for your fabric. If your chosen fabric is in stock, it generally takes 5 working days to be shipped to us. Depending on the size of your order, we usually quote 3 – 4 weeks manufacturing time. Installation can take a few hours, or several days depending on what is involved. As we manufacture and install, we control the entire process and are not reliant on outside contractors. We are therefore flexible with installation, and can work with you to schedule production and installation to prioritise your preferred windows first.
All our curtains and blinds are made in our factory, in Southport on the Gold Coast Shutters and venetian blinds are outsourced, as manufacture of these products require large specialised machinery
We have a commitment to use Australian made whenever possible. Some of our fabrics are also made in New Zealand and Europe and of course Asia..
Mention the drapery & blind fabrics that are “green” Blockout coating – energy saving etc
Sheer curtains can easily be laundered, but natural fabrics like cotton, linen and silk may shrink. For this reason, we do recommend a polyester blend fabric. There are many polyester fabrics that look like natural fabrics. We do not recommend you wash lined or blockout coated curtains. These fabrics will lose their “finish” if washed. It is best to vacuum these curtains with an upholstery attachment to keep them dust free. Any marks can be spot treated carefully.
We are not licenced electricians, but we can organise a qualified electrician to provide power where needed, we can also liaise with your electrician if a new build or renovation.
Yes, many of our clients live interstate.Talk to us about how we manage this process; and even project manage certain trades that we need to liaise with to deliver your project.
Just like regular service to your car or other mechanical devices, It is wise to regularly clean and service curtain tracks. Curtain tracks should be sprayed twice a year with a food Grade Silicone Spray(not petroleum based spray) , available from Spring Crest. With regard to cleaning curtains we generally do not recommend this. See our document on cleaning curtains (inc Mould)
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