Bed Throws

Add the finishing touch to your bed with a custom bed throw.

The throw is a common accessory to furnishings.

They’re more than simply functional; they are stylemakers that add pattern, colour and warmth to any room. If you have thought about adding a throw to a room but thought it was too complicated to work with, think again. We can make you a customised throw that coordinates beautifully with your window coverings and upholstered bed head.

There are a lot of ways to do it so it doesn’t look sloppy. Here are some favourite ways to use them:

  • Use as a headboard throw. Drape a throw over an upholstered bed head/board for a new look. Keep it in place using velcro.
  • Guest room welcome. Make simple bedding look more personal by adding a throw. Just fold it lengthwise and drape it across the end of the bed.
  • Fun twin beds. Give twin beds more attitude with a throw. If using solid bedding, add a patterned throw for a fun touch. If using a patterned bedding, use a solid throw to bring out a particular colour. We can even make reversible throws to change up the look.
  • Warm up a big bed. Try a throw in a deep shade of brown to place on a king bed that has light bedding. It will make the large bed feel cozier on winter nights.

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