Don’t underestimate the Power of a Cushion!

Add personality to your space with Cushions

Cushions are the finishing touches to a space – they add a touch of your personality to the decor. A room can look quite bland without scatter cushions – even minimalist decor needs a cushion or two.

I hear so many people say they just get too confused when faced with making a choice of ready made cushions, and then often they don’t look right when they get them home. The colour is wrong, the size and scale just doesn’t look right….it looks too “contrived” rather than a nonchalant grouping of cushions that just works.

At Spring Crest Curtains and Blinds we make custom cushions for our clients to coordinate with their window furnishings. Often there will be small pieces of fabric left over from curtains – just enough to make a few cushions. And of course they look just right – as they are coordinated with the curtain fabric.

Size Matters. 
Get the scale right. Mix up sizes and shapes. Mix up patterned fabric with plain fabric.

There are so many stunning fabrics that look fabulous made up into cushions. Think outside the square! A popular designer trick is to splurge on just a metre of gorgeous fabric for a few cushions – using it on just one side with a more economical plain fabric on the other side. This way your metre of fabric will go a long way. And, this adds visual interest to your group of cushions.

Texture Matters.
Every room or space should have texture to add visual and tactile interest. A great way to introduce this is to have a textured fabric made into cushions.

Colour Matters. 
Every room should have a touch of black to balance it. It doesn’t have to be a big piece of furniture – black piping on a cushion is a very subtle way of introducing a little bit of black.

Inserts Matter.
Feather cushion inserts add the luxurious look to your cushions.
Cushions should always be displayed on the square, and then “chopped” with your hand to give that elegant designer look.
Tip: we always ensure our feathers are encased in “japara” – a tightly woven fabric that will stop the feather quills from popping through.
If you are allergic to feathers, then we can make a hypoallergenic polyester insert instead.

Custom designed cushions open up so many possibilities to make up an interesting display.
An oversized sofa or a king size bed, need and can take the scale of larger cushions.
Make these the anchors, then add different sizes and shapes, but keep the fabrics coordinated to avoid a messy result. We can help you with this.
Oversized prints make terrific looking cushions – the trick is to centre the pattern on the cushion, and use coordinating colours for smaller cushions to compliment the look. 

Outdoor cushions
When selecting fabric for outdoor use, we recommend using specialised outdoor fabric. Spring Crest Curtains and Blinds have an extensive range of suitable outdoor fabrics that are stain resistant, lightfast, mould and mildew resistant, able to withstand chlorine damage, durable and easy to clean.
Tip: Outdoor cushion inserts should be specialised outdoor foam that can dry out – it needs to be porous so that the water can drain through quickly so that mildew does not grow on the inserts.

Seat cushions
Custom made seat cushions tailored to fit built in seating look fabulous.
Think window nooks with a bench seat, outdoor bench seating around the pool area, bench seating around a fire pit.
Spring Crest Curtains can custom make whatever size and shape you need.
Tip: Make sure the depth of the foam is deep enough for the purpose. If it is too thin or too dense, it will be uncomfortable. We have a range of foams and densities to ensure the correct product is selected for maximum comfort.

Your Home is Your Sanctuary – you want it to look inviting as your home is where you retreat to for comfort and refuge.
Cushions are such an easy way to quickly change the look and ambience of a space!

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