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Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains are fabulous! Flick through any designer decor magazines and long sheer curtains are On Point.

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There are many situations where they are just right. They are fresh and light and look equally good in modern, industrial, minimalist or Hamptons style interiors. Floaty sheers look fabulous and suit all décor styles – they are so elegant and give a softness to an edgy look that can’t be achieved with say a roller blind.

Sheer curtains look fabulous when they take up the whole wall – even if the window doesn’t. It will create an illusion of space and give that hotel “luxe” feel to the room.

Used on very long windows in voids, sheer curtains create drama and offer a practical solution of filtered light and a degree of sun protection for furniture, art work and floor coverings.

Sheers used on windows with architectural features such as arches will allow the shape of the window to be seen, whilst providing a practical window covering.

Sheer curtains used cleverly can make a small space appear larger and white sheers will make a dark room look bigger and brighter.

Use sheers on windows in a large flow through area to combine several spaces such as a kitchen, meals area and living area to unite the space; creating a unifying theme and pleasing aesthetic that brightens the space.

Sheer curtains used in conjunction with other elements on the same window offer softness, filtered light and an aesthetic that is intangible…..think of combining them with Roman blinds, roller blinds, timber venetians…..

Use a sheer curtain fixed to the ceiling as an interior “wall’ to divide a space – still lets the light through but creates an inviting mysteriousness that is just so practical. They can be used very cleverly to screen the entrance area to the home from an adjacent living area, to screen a work (study) or living area from the sleeping area in a studio. The possibilities are endless!
Sheer curtains are perfect for home studies. They provide privacy, filtered light and cut the glare on computer screens.

And, the last word on using Sheer Curtains in our sunny climate: sheers with a little polyester is a good thing – natural fibres like cotton and silk will rot very quickly in our strong sunlight.

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Sheer fabrics come in many colours and designs such as stripes, geometrics and textures with embossed subtle prints and the very popular linen look.

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The trend now is to have ripple fold pleated sheers using a double track with the sheer curtain as the hero of the window on the front track facing into the room. The lining or block out fabric now becomes a toning colour and disappears to the back track – its only job to darken the room when needed and then to provide a beautiful backdrop to show off the sheer in all its glory.

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