Style & colour trends for home interiors

On Point trends

The fast pace of modern life dictates the pursuit of simplicity in everything.
Minimalism but eclectic.
Mix up your styles to create an inviting and homely atmosphere. 
A combination of two or more styles not only shows imagination and creativity, it means you’re not confined by convention when it comes to textures, patterns and styles.
Overly uniform spaces are well and truly out.
This trend also applies to window coverings.

Mix up your window coverings whilst keeping the overall look cohesive.
For example…a  combination of sheer curtains and roller blinds at the same window is practical and on trend.
Curtains are an important element of the interior. 
They provide both a practical function (protection from the sun, privacy and insulation).
Curtains harmoniously fit into the overall style of a room, emphasizing it with their colour scheme, texture and pleating style.
SFold pleated  curtains that take up the whole wall – floor to ceiling and wall to wall look luxurious, but restrained.

The aesthetics of minimalism and the desire for practicality makes roller blinds a popular choice – particularly if they are motorised to avoid having control chains; and to allow groups of blinds to operate remotely and at the same time.

Colour trends are being driven by a desire to be uplifted and motivated while staying grounded and balanced.
White is still big. 
White and neutral shades are the undisputed leader in window coverings.
They fit organically into the interiors of almost any colour and style.
Neutral coloured curtains can be sheer, translucent or blockout. 
A popular trend is to have double tracks in bedrooms with a blockout fabric for darkness at night, and a sheer curtain to transmit natural light, slightly dimming and diffusing it, as well as providing privacy.

Blue accents are on trend – think Hamptons style combining neutral shades with blue using a mix of plains, stripes, and two colour florals.
Black and graphite colours in curtains are stylish and bold. 
Trending combinations – black with white, black with a saturated colour that is present in the interior as an accent.

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