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The Smart Home has arrived, and home automation to control window coverings has become increasingly popular. At Spring Crest Curtains and Blinds we have had years of experience advising and installing motorised window furnishings products; from just one window to a whole house.

Spring Crest Curtains and Blinds is an automation specialist. Today there are many automated window furnishing products that can be integrated into your home. We have years of experience across a wide range of products, from leading well known brands such as Somfy, Automate, and Motolux to other lesser known brands.

Automated window solutions can play an important role in making you house “Greener” and more energy efficient. We have assisted with automated solutions that shade the home at particular times of day to either repel heat or retain warmth, thus making your heating and air conditioning more efficient and lowering energy consumption.

Spring Crest is a manufacturer of automated window furnishings, and can source and apply any of these motorised solutions to integrate to your choice of window furnishings.

Whether it is 4-5 blinds operated from a remote control device on the coffee table; to an entire house operating through a smart home system such as Savant, CBus or Control4, we can assist.

For new builds, we can liaise with your builder and electrician from the get go to ensure that power is provided to the correct places; and allowances made to accommodate hidden motors for curtain tracks.
For all installations we can recommend a qualified electrical contractor. Spring Crest can either work with your own electrician and integrator or project manage this for you.

As technology continues to evolve we are seeing applications from all our suppliers that can seamlessly integrate to Google and Alexa. Just ask us how.

Spring Crest Curtains and Blinds specialise in motorised solutions for curtains and blinds from Somfy.
We have been awarded the coveted title of Somfy Expert; and can advise you on the best solution to motorise your curtains, blinds & shutters. Automation has never been more affordable than with Somfy and Spring Crest Curtains and Blinds.

Consider motorised products for simple convenience, or for where access is difficult. A room full of manually operated blinds can be tedious to operate and will look messy with all those individual control chains; and loose chains are a safety hazard for small children.
Motorisation is a great solution for those high set windows where you want to light control or privacy.

Spring Crest has proudly had a long term association with Somfy Australia since 2006. With an Australian based corporate office in Sydney we can quickly access most stock within 48 hours. Somfy offers a “back to base” warranty service, with a very well equipped team of technicians at its service centre in Sydney.

Ask us about a Somfy Automated solution for your residential or commercial project.

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Related FAQ’s

Once your deposit has been received, we order and pay in full for your fabric. If your chosen fabric is in stock, it generally takes 5 working days to be shipped to us. Depending on the size of your order, we usually quote 3 – 4 weeks manufacturing time. Installation can take a few hours, or several days depending on what is involved. As we manufacture and install, we control the entire process and are not reliant on outside contractors. We are therefore flexible with installation, and can work with you to schedule production and installation to prioritise your preferred windows first.
All our curtains and blinds are made in our factory, in Southport on the Gold Coast Shutters and venetian blinds are outsourced, as manufacture of these products require large specialised machinery
We have a commitment to use Australian made whenever possible. Some of our fabrics are also made in New Zealand and Europe and of course Asia..
Mention the drapery & blind fabrics that are “green” Blockout coating – energy saving etc
Sheer curtains can easily be laundered, but natural fabrics like cotton, linen and silk may shrink. For this reason, we do recommend a polyester blend fabric. There are many polyester fabrics that look like natural fabrics. We do not recommend you wash lined or blockout coated curtains. These fabrics will lose their “finish” if washed. It is best to vacuum these curtains with an upholstery attachment to keep them dust free. Any marks can be spot treated carefully.
We are not licenced electricians, but we can organise a qualified electrician to provide power where needed, we can also liaise with your electrician if a new build or renovation.
Yes, many of our clients live interstate.Talk to us about how we manage this process; and even project manage certain trades that we need to liaise with to deliver your project.
Just like regular service to your car or other mechanical devices, It is wise to regularly clean and service curtain tracks. Curtain tracks should be sprayed twice a year with a food Grade Silicone Spray(not petroleum based spray) , available from Spring Crest. With regard to cleaning curtains we generally do not recommend this. See our document on cleaning curtains (inc Mould)
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