Roller Blinds

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Roller Blinds

All these Roller Blinds are available in a great range of stylish fabrics that can be mixed and matched to suit your home décor and control the amount of light you wish to filter.

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  • Block out fabrics ( which provide 100% privacy and control heat)
  • Translucent or light filtering fabrics (which as the name suggests are fabrics used to achieve some degree of light filtration or translucency)
  • Sunscreen fabrics (a tight mesh style woven fabric which reduces the heat and glare enabling you to see through the blind during the day to the view outside,but does not provide privacy at night).
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  • Economical
  • Good for wet/damp areas (kitchen, bathroom, laundry as fabric can be wiped down easily)
  • Healthy option for allergy sufferers (asthma)
  • Contemporary streamlined look, minimalist
  • If there are many blinds in one area then motorisation is a good option as the blinds can opened and closed easily
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  • Strips of light either side if reveal fitted inside window frame –
  • Halo effect Width restraints – most fabrics are only 2.5 or 3 mts wide
  • Not good on long narrow windows as the fabric tends to ‘roll off”
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Roller blinds can vary greatly in price so it’s important that you understand why:
  • Wider blinds need heavy duty 45mm Tube base bar & “spring assist” for lifting – this is more expensive but if not used then the tube will bow. Really big blinds may need 60 mm tubes.
  • Fabric should not be turned on its side in order to make a wide blind as it will “cup”. If you have a wide space to cover then use more than one blind and consider “linking” them.
  • We use strong nickel plated brass metal chain controls, not flimsy plastic. Stainless steel control chains in coastal salt water areas are recommended to avoid corrosion.
  • Stainless steel is more expensive than other metal chains; and plastic chains look cheap and break easily.
  • Many blinds in the one room can be tedious to operate if not motorised. Several blinds at one big window will look messy with all those individual control chains – consider linking blinds together that operate together, or motorise.
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  • Good option for behind a sheer curtain (block out blind). Mount the blind in the window “reveal” for a neat look that hides the controls.
  • Dual (double) rollers option – one blind is block out, the other a screen fabric for complete control of sun and privacy.
  • Some fabric manufacturers offer roller blind fabrics in the same patterns and colours as drapery fabrics – so we can marry blind and curtain fabrics in the same room for a coordinated look.
  • Fabric covered base bars look good when the fabric used is the same fabric as the curtains in the same room.
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