Tips for New Builds and Major Renovations

Is your current project a new build or major renovation? If so, this blog is a Must Read!

Spring Crest Curtains and Blinds are very fortunate to have been involved in many “new build” projects right from the get go. This means that we can advise and guide our clients regarding their window furnishings from the planning stage – and liaise with the architect and builder to ensure that our clients preferred window treatments can be accommodated.

The “geography” of a room is an important issue, and often neglected when it comes to selling and installing window furnishings. It is critical that we know of any potential issues prior to manufacturing.

Many of the projects we work on have all or a combination of: a requirement for motorised window coverings, wall to wall windows, bulkheads, butt – joined glass that require curved tracks, very long curtain drops in voids, multiple different shaped windows on the same wall to be covered with the one treatment…all these issues can be easily accommodated if planned for early enough.

Once the plaster is in, it is difficult for the electrician to provide power to the windows for motorisation. It makes sense for us to liaise with your builder and electrician to ensure that power is provided to the correct places, and allowances made to accommodate hidden motors for curtain tracks.

Spring Crest Curtains and Blinds is an automation specialist and can source and apply many different motorised solutions to integrate to your choice of window furnishings.

Double tracks under bulkheads can be easily accommodated if the builder makes the bulkheads deep enough – we liaise with the builder to ensure this happens at the framing stage.

To hang a very wide or long expanse of curtain fabric needs good fixing into timber. We liaise with the builder to ensure  timber fixing is built behind the plaster at the correct height and overall dimensions.

The positioning of furniture and equipment is good to know too as this could impact the positioning of window furnishings. 

Will a TV be mounted on the wall in the bedroom?
Where will security sensors be placed in a room?

We need to allow enough “stack back” for curtains whilst ensuring they clear furniture and wall mounted controls and devices.

Outdoor awnings are often forgotten about until after moving in date. Particularly in the kitchen. Architects are increasingly specifying wide kitchen windows to be positioned above the kitchen bench, and they do not lend themselves to an interior window covering like a roller blind. Often the best option is for a motorised “zip screen”  that is an outdoor mounted screen, but operated remotely from inside. These are a very neat motorised and streamlined product. Much easier to think about these tricky windows during the early planning stages, rather than when the hot sun is beating in on your kitchen benches!

We love house plans! We love window schedules even more! These enable us to give our clients a very accurate estimate of the cost of their project – even before the building is started.

If you want motorised blinds or curtains, then an electrical schedule is invaluable too.

Do you currently reside interstate and your Queensland project is a new home or major renovation? Many of our clients are interstate, and we liaise with their construction team to provide the window furnishings and necessary ancillary services. 

At Spring Crest Curtains and Blinds we provide an “end to end solution” to ensure a smooth and successful installation – from the initial consultation, onsite measuring & on going liaising with builders and trades, we manufacture ourselves so we can make changes and adjustments if necessary, and we also install the final product. 

And, we are well known for our excellent After Sales Service.

This provides our clients with the peace of mind that Spring Crest Curtains and Blinds controls the whole process from consultation through to installation, and after sales service with no outsourcing.

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