Designer Tricks: Using fabric as internal walls

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Used cleverly, fabric walls can add a mysterious element to your home décor. Fabric is a great way to discreetly divide a room space without building a wall; or buying a specific piece of furniture to visually achieve the illusion of two spaces within one. It is also a very clever decorating tool for small spaces.

Firstly, decide what you want to visually achieve. Do you want to still see through your fabric wall, have light filter through the fabric? If so, then you need to select a sheer fabric. Depending on the sheerness of the fabric will determine how much fullness, gathering or pleating you need. Or, do you want a solid fabric that is not transparent? Next, how are you going to attach the fabric? Top fixed to the ceiling; or if using the fabric on an internal glass wall or window it could be face fitted to the window frame.

What type of track do you want your fabric panels / curtains to hang from? S Fold or Ripple Fold track top fixed to the ceiling has a discreet barely there look – the eye is not drawn to the track, but rather to the fabric. Or maybe you prefer a bold metal eyelet heading along the top of the fabric? In some situations the track can be hidden altogether – think using the fabric as a “door” on a closet or cupboard.

Now I am going to give you some ideas to get you thinking outside the solid décor square – start thinking how to use fabric differently and creatively!

Dividing a bedroom so the sleeping area (bed) is visually separated from study / sitting area. Think parents retreat or studio bedroom. Great solution to darken the sleeping area from the living area if one partner prefers to sit up and the other to sleep! I have seen this concept used in hotel rooms – makes for happy room sharing.


Use sheer fabric as a door in a kid’s bedroom to cover the closet. This is a neat trick in a small room as a solid door can be very heavy looking. And for girls, they just love opening the fabric panels to reveal the entire contents of their wardrobe rather than having sliding doors that partly cover the clothing or doors that stick out and take up too much space.

Hide all the TV and electronic equipment in a living area that doubles as the media room. A solid fabric is best, and can look stunning when closed and covering the media area. It creates an instant tidy and elegant sitting area!

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Section your dining area from the living area. This creates two intimate spaces, or open the fabric panels and have one big space – gives you lots of options depending on the size and style of your gathering.

Create an instant private entry area from your front door. This is terrific trick to give your living area some privacy. I have seen this done many times, one of the most visually stunning ways to create mysteriousness to your home if a sheer fabric is used. Visitors can’t quite see into your home, but they are intrigued and want to!

Keep the warmth in winter confined to a small space. We have often used fabric as doors between rooms. This is a clever trick if you have a large space that is heated by a fireplace. During winter it keeps that space snug and cosy and adds drama if the right fabric is chosen. I have seen this idea used in homes that have long deep verandahs – enclose the draughty space in winter and in summer tie the fabric panels back and let the breeze through!

Are you thinking outside the solid square yet?

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