Upholstered Bed Heads, Headboards & Wall Panels

Spring Crest Curtains (20)

Make a statement with the whole wall covered in upholstered panels! They not only give the room the Wow! Factor – they are practical – something to lean against if you like to sit up in bed and read.

Co-ordinate the fabric and colour palette back to your window furnishings –in this room we stayed with a neutral palette. It certainly made the this wall the hero of the room. 

There are some gorgeous fabrics that may be a bit over the top for curtains, but in a simple tailored headboard and cushions add just the right amount of drama. The bright Moroccan influence in fabric design looks wonderful on a headboard – especially the geometric patterns in bold colours. For a modern slick look a neutral fabric with buttoning looks stunning.

This monochromatic look  gives you a practical headboard but doesn’t shout (this is achieved by blending the headboard into its surroundings with a subtle colour shift – paint the wall behind the headboard a shade or two lighter than the headboard’s fabric).

When designing your bedhead think about how wide it needs to be – just as wide as the bed or wider to include bedside tables? Do you want it resting on the floor, or just attached to the wall so that it appears to be floating?

Bed head boards that attach to the wall are so easy and inexpensive to take off and reupholster in a different fabric to change the mood of the room. (Think the transition from kids to teenager décor.)

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Or maybe just change the headboard with the seasons to suit your bed coverings. Why not co-ordinate the bed head back to a bed runner or bedspread? Bedspreads can be made in any style – quilted, tailored corners, throw overs. A simple bed runner looks so stylish when coordinated back to the bed linen (why not have two runners to quickly change the look?) and teamed with scatter cushions.

Bed heads also look fantastic when teamed with a matching (fitted) valance to cover the mattress sides.
Talk to Coleen about how we can co-ordinate your bedroom to bring all the fabric elements together: curtains, blinds, upholstered bed head, valance, bed throw, scatter cushions….

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