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Automated solutions for window furnishings have taken a huge leap in the past 5 years. As with all technologies there have been huge improvements that have increased reliability and quality; whilst decreasing investment costs. Spring Crest Curtains and Blinds are specialists in motorised and automated solutions across Curtains and Blinds. From stand alone remote operated to fully integrated smart home systems we can help.

Automated solutions for your home not only enhances your homes decor, but also provides security for your Sanctuary.
The traditional role of curtains and blinds will provide shade, privacy and decoration.
Motorisation not only adds ease to a routine task, but also improves the security of your home with the press of a button.
Improve the security by setting timers to keep your home active while you’re away.
To protect your sanctuary from the sun a sun sensor opens or closes your curtains depending on the intensity of the sunshine.
The interior of your home is kept cool; and furniture and floor coverings are protected from the sun’s harmful rays.

Motorised blinds can now be battery operated up to some sizes, eliminating the need and cost of 240 volt wiring. There are even solar powered options. This can be useful for hard to get to places.
Many systems now are also moving to smart phone and tablet integration.

If you are building or renovating we are also available to consult with you on your project. Pre-planning installation of motorised solutions can save a great deal of time and avoiding common mistakes.

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