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Chic, Elegant Window Decor with Loads of Versatility......

Chic Shutters have huge makeover potential and can transform the drabbest window into a charming feature. The fuss-free look of shutters works just as beautifully in all styles of homes.

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When shopping for interior shutters, it’s important to know if you are buying custom shutters truly built for your windows or if the company will take stock panels and cut them down to fit. Know the difference between customisable and custom-made shutters. Customisable means they are built in a factory at standard measurements then cut down to size.

Custom-made shutters tend to be more expensive but if you have irregularly shaped windows they are ideal as they are designed specifically to fit your window dimensions. At Spring Crest Curtains and Blinds we only provide custom-made shutters and only ever use experts in their field for installation.

Our shutters come in a wide range of materials, and configuration options. Our expert team can advise you on the best options to suit the “geography” of your windows and room.

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Our shutters come in a range of materials, with cultivated basswood being the most popular and economical. Basswood shutters have an attractive fine texture, giving the blades an outstanding uniform, attractive smooth finish which adds to the beauty of the shutters.

Configuration Options

  • Sliding/Bypass
  • Folding
  • Hinged
  • Fixed
  • French Door
  • Void
  • Sloping, round and ‘special’ window opening options available – no window is too complex!


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Basswood shutters are much more than just window coverings. They can enhance the beauty and elegance of homes from both inside and outside.The versatile design of Basswood shutters allows you to capture light and control airflow as you desire.


  • Provides insulation
  • Easy to clean
  • Allergy free
  • High gloss retention
  • Great light control whilst maintaining privacy as blades can be tilted
Shutters are a popular choice for kitchens. They look fabulous in the kitchen below as they complement the cabinetry. Shutters are a great covering for windows above kitchen benches as they can be hinged to open out to outdoor living spaces, the blades can be tilted for sun control, and they are easy to keep clean from food splashes and grease.
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Double hanging shutters allows the lower half of the window to operate separately from the upper half.

Basswood Shutters in the bathroom are a perfect solution as they are good in wet areas. They can be wiped over easily.

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