Window Treatments That Can Reduce Your Winter Energy Bills

What a tantalising thought: beautify your windows, keep your home warm in winter (and cool in summer) and reduce energy use all at once with the right window dressing! Saving energy and caring for our environment: such a great reason to add beautiful window coverings to your home.

The impact can be significant. Something as simple as lined curtains reduces solar heat gain by as much as 33 percent. And, when the hot months return don’t just blast the air conditioning.
Explore some of these window treatment ideas instead.


Roman Blinds

Proper installation is the key. Mounting Roman blinds as close to the glass as possible and right up against the adjacent wall creates a tight seal that minimizes both heat gain and loss.
We make our Roman blinds with block out lining – this adds an extra layer of insulation as well as protecting the fabric from UV rays.


Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds offer varying degrees of light control, block out, translucent and screen fabrics.
Mix and match the fabrics in different rooms to suit your home décor and control the amount of light you wish to filter. They can be used very effectively to control heat and glare.
Dual roller blinds are a practical option when you want both block out and light filtering at the same window at different times of the day.

Consider motorisation for some windows – it’s not as expensive as you think!
Many roller blind fabrics also come in matching drapery fabrics – great for mixing and matching different window treatments with a coordinated look.



Curtains help insulate your home from both solar heat gains in summer and heat loss in winter.
As with other window treatments, a tight seal is needed for maximum performance. A pelmet over the curtain track will further reduce heat loss as well as reducing the “halo” effect if total block out is required.


Pelmets are fantastic insulators! They provide a “cap” over the top of the curtain or blind that will provide an effective insulation seal preventing heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer. Pelmets look great when upholstered in coordinated fabric to the window covering, and can be made any depth. A discreet slimline pelmet is all that is needed in minimalistic décor.

Contact us if you would like us to assess your windows for ways we can help you to reduce your energy bill!
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