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Which Pleating Style Should You Have?

What do you want to be the hero of the window? Stunning Ripple pleating? The decorative poles? The beautiful architraves? The fabric of the curtains?

What do you want to be the hero of the window?
  • Stunning Ripple pleating?
  • The decorative poles?
  • The beautiful architraves?
  • The fabric of the curtains?
We can help you select the most suitable pleating style – it comes down to the composition of the fabric (some fabrics look better with certain pleating), the pattern in the fabric, the architecture of the window, how much stack back you want; and of course personal choice. If you have your heart set on a certain style of pleating we can guide you to the most suitable fabric for the pleats. If you are having double tracks with a sheer on one track and a block out on the other, some pleating styles are better suited than others. Some pleating styles “stack back” more than others – an important consideration if you want to get as much curtain off the window as possible
This style, also known as inverted pleating, creates a simple, modern look. It is a flat symmetrical pleat and well suited to plain fabrics or those with textured weaves. Usually spaced 10 cm apart, Reverse pleats can look particularly stunning on certain fabric patterns when the pleat spacing is reduced to 8 cm apart.
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Are groups of either double or triple pleats, spaced evenly along the curtain which creates a formal heading, with the benefit of very neat stacking to the side. (Triple pinch pleats require more fabric, and are best used on light weight fabrics.)

Double pinch pleating works well with uneven or wide stripes of different colours. It is critical to ensure that the curtains are made so that the stripes fall in even patterns – a difficult manufacturing detail that Spring Crest Curtains and Blinds prides itself on achieving. Pinch pleating is ideal for practical reasons where there is not much wall space beside the window.

Spdci Knife Cusion Full@2x
These are closely spaced flat pleats which are pressed to all face the same way – a bit like the pleating in a kilt. The pleats can be made different sizes or spaced out, depending on the fabric and the look you prefer. It can be made to look fuller by using more fabric and creating wider pleats – good for very sheer fabrics. Knife pleating is the best way to treat a sloped or raked ceiling that is to have curtains. Knife pleating is also best used on the back track of a double track as the pleat sits flat, and allows the curtain on the front track to move freely.
What are Ripple Fold and S Fold Curtains? Love the luxe look of that hotel room you stayed at? … Then you’ve probably been drooling over gorgeous Ripple Fold Curtains! Ripple Fold and S fold curtains are the same – they get their name from the shape they create. If you took a bird’s eye view of an S fold curtain you would see the soft “S” shape created by the specially designed track. The fabric of an S fold is not formally pleated but held in place by the track with special polycarbonate carriers. We call them Ripple Fold as most people are familiar with this term. Sleek and subtle to the eye, the Ripple fold Pleated Curtain has a very modern appearance with gently and continuously folded drapery from the beginning to the end. The soft ‘s’ shape of the fabric is created by the uniquely designed track. No pleats or gathers are needed to create this stylish look. Dramatic folds and easy operation make our Ripple Fold drapery a great choice for creating a modern look. Perfect for large areas, Ripple Fold drapery can be used to unify multiple windows or large expanses by covering an entire wall. Ripple Fold drapery glides along a low-profile track that seamlessly blends with your wall or ceiling, making it a great solution for curved tracks, floor-to-ceiling windows or other hard to manage spaces. Folds are identically beautiful from inside the room or outside the building presenting an architectural advantage. Headings, suspended under the track, cannot tip or sag. They are always perfectly positioned and spaced. We create this style with the use of a specific stiffened nylon tape which is sewn onto the curtain fabric to maintain the folds. Soft ripple-like folds flow smoothly from one end of the track to the other. The effect is gently tailored – suitable for either commercial or residential installations. Master carriers that butt together and carriers that swivel eliminate “flat” drapery areas. This style of curtain pleating is suitable for use with hand drawn and motorised curtain tracks. They are very well suited for tracks that need to be curved to accommodate bends when 2 windows at right angles are treated with one continuous curved track. We can help you decide whether you want a manual or motorised system, a minimal or feature hardware system. Ripple Fold tracks can be ceiling fixed or wall fixed depending upon the look you want. By ceiling mounting the track you can achieve a dramatic look and help give the impression of a higher ceiling. Ceiling mounting also helps block the light bleeding onto the ceiling from the window – known as the “halo effect” – (excellent for home theatres!) Ripple Fold tracks are available in numerous colours with white and anodised silver being the most popular, and can allow for a double track. Whether you love the look of decorative sheer fabrics or a block-out lined fabric, the Ripple Fold track can accommodate either style. If you want the best of both worlds, you can even have a decorative sheer on the front track and block-out lining on the rear. Ripple Fold tracks are so versatile! The fabric you choose is probably the most important part of the curtain decision because it is the most noticeable element. Colour, pattern, texture and composition all combine to produce the right effect. We can guide you in selecting the correct fabric for your Ripple Fold curtains. Factors we consider include the fabric composition (some fabrics are too “stiff” for Ripple Fold pleating), pattern repeat, the fullness required, the stack-back required, and the height and position that the curtain will be hung from. If you are building a new home, we can liaise with your architect at the planning stage to ensure that your new Ripple Fold curtains are accommodated to maximise their aesthetic beauty. So spoil yourself with a holiday at home every day by installing beautiful Ripple Fold curtains!
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